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Protective Packaging of Automotive Valve Spool

Protective Packaging & Assembly of Automotive Valve
Protective Packaging & Assembly of Automotive Valve

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Advancements in technology continue to reduce the size of parts, but there are still many parts being manually assembled because of their size, weight, finish, fragility or shape. A prospective client in the automotive industry found
GPAX, Inc.’s product through internet research. Their project required the automated assembly of a nominally heavy valve spool with a special finish. In order to protect the finish and automate the assembly, the OEM wanted the part to come off of the manufacturing line and to be loaded carefully in to packaging so it would protect during shipping.

GPAX modified its mechanically interlocking cover and carrier tape to support this requirement. The tapes were interlocked first. These interlocked tapes were then advanced to a position where the valve spools came off of the manufacturing line and were pneumatically pushed in to position by using the side opening of the tape. Once loaded, the parts were held in place by the cover and carrier tape on the top and bottom of the part. Specially designed tabs were strategically positioned on the edge of the tape to secure the part in place. The valve spool was protected during shipping and handling and then presented to a robotic arm using a GPAX Ultrafeeder. The cover tape was removed as the part was advanced in to position allowing for automated assembly.

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Project Highlights

Product name
Automobile Valves
GPAX Capabilities Utilized
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Punching
Overall dimensions
104mm Wide Continuous Feed Tape, Ammo Pack/Fan Fold
Equipment used during packaging and feeding of part loaded on GPAX protective tape
Custom 4008 GPAX loader
(Mechanically interlocks cover and carrier tape)

Custom Pneumatic arm pushing valve in to tape from side-precut tabs spring in to place to ensure part does not come out of tape

Custom 2400 feeder
(Mechanically unstitches cover tape from carrier)
End user equipment used to remove part from tape
Custom automation
Tape material
Biaxially oriented, Anti-Static, Clear Film
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection, Functionality Testing
Industry for use
High Volume run- 1 million+ parts per year
Delivery/turnaround time
10 weeks first article, 12 weeks for delivery of loader/feeder
2 weeks ongoing for tape
Delivery location
Standards met
Customer Specifications

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