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Automated Placement of a Tilt Sensor

Automated Placement of a Tilt Sensor
Automated Placement of a Tilt Sensor
Sensor - Fragile Packaging
Sensor - Fragile Packaging

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GPAX, Inc. was contacted about retrofitting its equipment for an existing assembly line. The tilt sensor was a bottle neck in the assembly process because the parts were being shipped in small containers, in very limited quantity, to protect the contact lead. Once received the parts were manually inserted.

Since this was a high volume placement part, there were significant financial and time commitments in handling the packaging and inserting them by hand.


GPAX designed features in its flat tape to hold the component body and for the lead to be held in a specific orientation. GPAX interlocking cover tape provided a barrier of protection on top of the part while a foam interleave was used to protect the bottom of the parts/leads when they were loaded on to the reel. These parts were held securely and protected in transit which reduced the number of damaged parts received. The size of the part allowed for multiple parts per pitch on the tape which reduced the cost per part and increased inventory on the production line, reel changes per shift. The end-of-arm tooling enabled gang-picking these sensors which improved placement cycle times by 200%. Through automation of this part, throughput increased by 323%, damaged parts were eliminated and quality control failures were slashed.

Project Highlights

Product name
Automated Placement of Tilt Sensor
GPAX Capabilities Utilized
  • Punching
  • Protective Packaging
Overall dimensions
72mm wide continuous tape and reel on 24” OD Reel and protective foam interleave
Equipment used during packaging and feeding of part loaded on GPAX protective tape
Custom 4008 GPAX loader
  • (Mechanically interlocks cover and carrier tape)
Custom GPAX feeder
  • (Mechanically unstitches cover from carrier tape)
Equipment used to pick and place part loaded in tape
Custom Automation Cell
Tape material
Biaxially Oriented, Anti-Static Film, Clear
Industry for use
High Volume run, 3 million + parts per year
Delivery/turnaround time
10 weeks first article, 12 weeks for delivery of loader/feeder, 2 weeks ongoing for tape
Delivery location
Standards met
Customer Specifications

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