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Automated Placement of an Electrical Transformer

Automated Placement of Transformer on Electrical Circuit Board
Automated Placement of Transformer on Electrical Circuit Board

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A process engineer working in the electronics industry was looking to automate the assembly of an electronic transformer. These components were being manually assembled and volume requirements had reached a point that the current line production could not increase with demand. The biggest issue with fully automating the assembly of the product was finding the most reliable, robust system to present the transformers for assembly. A secondary issue the engineer was looking to address was the constant management of line inventory on this high volume project.

The prospective client entertained a tray feeder as a possible solution. Their analysis noted concerns with the tray feeders required work envelope, need to be continuously replenished and the need for valuable production floor space to keep supplies on hand for reloading.

The engineer’s recommendation was to implement the GPAX packaging system at the manufacturer of the transformer for loading. Once the transformers were loaded, the tape served to protect these parts during transit as a packaging solution. Once received by the electronic manufacturer plant, these parts were already on a continuous tape and fan folded in an ammo pack. Because those parts were assembly line ready, less on site inventory was required for parts prep which saved the client money and required less warehouse space for storing inventory.

By switching to GPAX, production line inventory increased 200%, packaging expenses were reduced by 36%, warehouse storage space needs were reduced, production throughput per shift was increased by 74% and quality control issues/damaged parts were significantly eliminated.

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Project Highlights

Product name
Automated Placement of an Electronic Transformer
GPAX Capabilities Utilized
  • Forming
  • Punching
Overall dimensions
152mm wide Continuous Tape, fan folded in cardboard ammo pack
Equipment used during packaging and feeding of part loaded on GPAX protective tape
Custom 4008 GPAX Loader
    (Mechanically interlocks cover and carrier tape)
Custom 2400 Feeder-
    (Mechanically unstitches cover tape from carrier)
End user equipment used to remove part from tape
Pick and Place Equipment
Tape material
Biaxially oriented, Anti-Static, Clear Film
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection, Functionality Testing
Industry for use
High Volume Run, 2 million + parts per year
Delivery/turnaround time
10 weeks first article, 12 weeks for delivery of loader/feeder
2 weeks ongoing for tape
Delivery location
Standards met
Customer Specifications

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