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Manufacturing of Packaging Equipment for Mechanical & Electrical Parts

Manufacturing of Packaging Equipment for Mechanical & Electrical Parts

Founded over 25 years ago, GPAX, Inc.® has become a leader in providing equipment that handles mechanical and electrical parts for automated assembly. Our high level of expertise and experience is reflected in our loading and feeding equipment. For example, our 4008A Loader is available with many standard and custom options. It has rail guides that are adjustable from 1.5” to 6.0” and 44mm to 152mm, with cycle times that vary by pitch and width of the part. This loader comes with manual part loading standard and automated loading available as a custom option. Other standard options for this product include an E-Stop and part counter.

Our GPAX Ultraflex Feeder is also replete with features and options. It features pneumatic 80 PSIG and electric supply connections, reel dimensions of 14" to 24" outside diameter, and core dimensions of 3.5", 6.5", or 8.5" outside diameter. The standard options for these feeders include a ready light, low supply light, maintenance light, and manual advance. The quality of our loaders and feeders are backed up by our warranty: these products are covered for 18 months after shipment and 12 months after the initial installation.

To learn more about the quality loaders and feeders available from GPAX, Inc., please see the following table or feel free to contact us directly.

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GPAX Loading/Feeding Equipment Project Highlights

Product description
GPAX 2400 & 2500 Ultraflex Feeder
Feeder width
72mm Standard
1.5" to 6.0" and 44mm to 200mm
Supply connections
Pneumatic-80 PSIG
Cycle times
Varies by pitch and width of part
Cycle advance
Remote-Electronic Interface
Manual or automated part loading
Manual- Standard
Reel handling detail
Foam Interleave(between each layer of carrier tape for added protection)
Reel dimensions
14" Outside Diameter
24" Outside Diameter
Ammo Pack-Custom sizes depending on size and weight of part
Core dimensions
3.5", 6.5" or 8.5" Core Outside Diameter
Tape types
Pocketed, Flat
Standard options
Ready light
Low supply light
Maintenance light
Manual advance
Electrical set up
18 months after shipment-12 months after initial install

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